Sydney Ogujiofor Msc, LLB,BL

Sydney Ogujiofor Msc, LLB,BL

Sydney obtained a Master’s degree in Biochemistry from the Institutè l’universitè d technologie, Nancy. France He also studied law in Nigeria and was admitted to practice law in Nigeria in 1992.

Sydney has  extensive experience working in the chemical industry in France and Nigeria. Sydney has been able to blend his scientific and legal training and experience to create an attractive brand of legal practice. He has been able to deploy his brand seamlessly to  advice on a wide range of issues in the chemical, pharmaceutical and science based industries; including advising on  patent and trade marks, mergers and acquisition, agency and  distribution and competition laws practices.
He is also experienced in using scientific and laboratory, analytical results, toxicological examination and findings to negotiate deals, advice clients in business transactions and  prosecute or defend cases.. He frequently works with  medical personnel to establish remote causes in the determination  of cases. He also renders opinion in the areas of  forensic chemistry in the analyses of substances and drugs for the purposes of classification of poisons  as well as food purity and Food and Drugs Act applicable legal sanctions.

Admitted to practice law in Nigeria.




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